The Truth

We are looking at the subject of truth and its use in auditing of the mind and in subject clearing. If you are interested in truth, you must attain a viewpoint from which you can see things as they are. A lie is the filter made up of our considerations that we interpose.

The ultimate truth is seeing things as they are without interposing our considerations.

In Scientology, Hubbard is assuming that if we get rid of all our filters (considerations), there would be nothing left to see. Everything will reduce to a Static. In other words, anything that could be considered (including the observer) will simply reduce to a potential state.

Hubbard assumes all that is there to see are our considerations.

But that is just a theoretical speculation. There is a universe out there. We postulate and devise hypothesis to explain that universe. Our understanding of the universe is as good as our postulates and the theories. Religions have always proposed different postulates, hypotheses and theories to explain the universe.

We postulate and devise hypothesis to explain the universe.

According to the KHTK theory, the universe is made of substance that operates on its own impulse. It has a large spectrum from thought to matter. Time comes about due to the duration property of that substance. This duration increases as the substance condenses from thought to matter.

A postulate is a thought substance that hardly has a duration. It does not persist if it duplicates the universe, but if it does not duplicate, it persists as an idea to be worked upon.

If two postulates deny each other, we may not know which postulate is the first and which is the second, but both are persisting as part of an anomaly in our understanding, which does not duplicate the universe. There is some assumption flagged by that anomaly. We have taken that assumption for granted. It is an ALTER-IS-NESS or NOT-IS-NESS of some aspect of this universe. We discover it by looking closely at that anomaly. And when we discover it, the misunderstanding vanishes, and we duplicate the universe better.

The understanding of the universe builds up as anomalies are resolved.

When a person cannot even see the anomalies then it becomes difficult for him to discover the assumption. He cannot AS-IS the situation. He is stuck with the assumption. This develops into stupidity and mystery. That assumption is an alteration and denial of time, place, form and event.

ALTER-IS-NESS is a form of an assumption or a lie, but it does not bring about stupidity, but NOT-IS-NESS does. A person NOT-ISES to justify some fixation, and that fixation is the cause of stupidity.

Miracles are a form of mystery and stupidity because something about the universe is not understood, but it is explained away.


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  • vinaire  On March 24, 2020 at 10:16 AM

    IS-NESS that is persisting is being filtered through one’s considerations. It will be perceived more clearly if those filters are removed. These filters avoid AS-IS-NESS in order to persist. So, they are like lies.


  • vinaire  On March 24, 2020 at 10:17 AM

    I can understand “virgin birth” as an expression for the purity of Jesus. But to literally believe it to be a fact goes against the empirical evidence that there is no such thing. If it is claimed to be a miracle then it simply denotes some fixation that expresses itself in the stupidity of this literal belief.


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