OT 1948: The Auditor’s Code

Reference: DIANETICS: The Original Thesis

This paper presents Chapter 10 from the book DIANETICS: THE ORIGINAL THESIS by L. RON HUBBARD. The contents are from the original publication of this book by The Hubbard Dianetic Foundation, Inc. (1948).

The paragraphs of the original material (in black) are accompanied by brief comments (in color) based on the present understanding.  Feedback on these comments is appreciated.

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The Auditor’s Code

Not because it is a pleasant thing to do or because it is a noble idea, the auditor must always treat a preclear in a certain definite way which can be outlined as the auditor’s code. Failure to follow this code will cause trouble to the auditor, will considerably lengthen and disturb his work and may endanger the preclear. The auditor in the first place, at the optimum, should be himself cleared; otherwise he will find that many of his own engrams are restimulated as he listens to the engrams of his preclears. This restimulation may cause his own engrams to become chronic, victimizing him with various allergies and delusions and causing him to be, at best, extremely uncomfortable. An auditor can audit while he himself is being cleared as this is a peculiar and special method of locating his own engrams, since they become restimulated. Becoming painful to him, they can be found and speedily removed. Even if he is not himself cleared, the auditor must act like a Clear towards the preclear. The auditor’s code is the natural activity of a Clear.

In mindfulness meditation, a person is both the auditee and the auditor. The auditor’s code is same as the discipline of mindfulness. An auditor must apply this code to oneself and others for the benefit of all.

The auditor must act toward the preclear exactly in the way that the preclear as an organism would desire that his own conscious analytical mind would react to and consider the organism. An affinity must therefore be maintained at all costs.

The analytical mind is made up of the fully assimilated mental matrix. Its effort is to assimilate the engramic and aberrated nodes. This is accomplished by recognizing the aberration and following it to fully recognize its source. The auditor supports this effort fully. He does not deviate from this effort by adding other considerations.

The auditor must never permit himself to lose his temper, become aggravated, to scold or badger or antagonize the preclear in any way. To do so would not merely disturb the comfort of the preclear but might additionally derange him and might even prohibit further beneficial therapy by the auditor.

The code is nearly “Christlike.”

The auditor approaches the situation objectively and does not become rattled. He maintains his own mental matrix in an assimilated state. He becomes aware when his own aberrated nodes are activated, and uses the discipline of mindfulness to defuse them.

The auditor must be confident in that he must continually reassure the preclear when restimulated engrams cause despondency on the preclear’s part. A cheerful optimistic presence encourages the preclear through his most painful experiences.

The auditor is confident in the application of mindfulness and is continually reassuring others of its success in a cheerful and optimistic manner. He keeps the attention extroverted and objective.

The auditor must be courageous, never permitting himself to be intimidated by either the aggression or hostility of the preclear.

The auditor recognizes any aggression or hostility to be dramatizations and does not react to them. He courageously applies mindfulness to defuse that behavior.

The auditor must be kind, never indulging in hostilities or personal prejudices. The auditor must be trustworthy, never betraying or capriciously denying a preclear and above all never breaking his word to the preclear. An auditor must be clean, for personal odors or bad breath may be restimulators to the preclear or may disturb him. The auditor must take care not to offend the concepts or sensibilities of the preclear.

The auditor is kind and aware of the needs that are there. He can be trusted for his skills and actions to bring assimilation to the mental matrix. He keeps good hygiene. His approach is just right to help overcome a difficulty.

The auditor must be persistent, never permitting the case of the preclear to either resist him or to remain unsolved until it is in a proper tone four, since the restimulation of engrams is a malady unto itself unless they are being properly exhausted.

The auditor proceeds systematically with the help of the assimilated mental matrix to resolve the aberrated nodes as aberrations are presented. He never gives up.

The auditor must be patient, never hurrying or harassing the preclear beyond the needs of stirring an engram into view. He must be willing to work at any and all times necessary and for the length of time necessary to exhaust the engrams in process of elimination.

The auditor approaches the aberrated node on a gradient by letting the mind unwind as it may. He handles the aberrated node as soon as it becomes available. He is patient and willing to work whenever and as long as needed.

In addition to these things it may be remarked that a definite affinity is established between the auditor and preclear during the auditing. In the case of opposite sexes this affinity may amount to an infatuation. The auditor must remain aware of this and know that he can and should redirect the infatuation to some person or activity other than himself when auditing is at an end. Not to do so is to produce an eventual situation wherein the preclear may have to be rebuffed with consequent trouble for the auditor.

Over time there is a deep and mutual understanding established between the auditor and the auditee. The auditor respects this trust and understanding and never takes advantage of it for personal gains.



KEY WORDS: Auditor, Preclear, E-meter, Auditor’s Code

The auditor has the responsibility of keeping his own mental matrix well assimilated and not disturbed by his own aberrated nodes, while helping others assimilate their aberrated and engramic nodes.


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