Arts and Maths

Arts and Maths

Math and Arts are two very different subjects that lie at the opposite ends of a spectrum of “Expression of Life”. We express life in many different ways to explore and understand all different aspects of it. In my view, Arts is much more complex than Math. What is being expressed through music, theater and drama is millions of times more complicated than the expression of simple rules through arithmetic, algebra and geometry.

Mathematics is like trying to understand the dimensions of Arts in its atomic simplicity. A person who has mastered mathematics can truly appreciate Arts to its deepest dimensions. What an artist does intuitively, he can do it with much greater understanding and mastery, once he has understood mathematics.

We talk about being left-brained or right-brained… we talk about being analytical or intuitive… but these “opposites” are part of the same spectrum of understanding. Therefore, it is very possible that we can be both left and right brained, or both analytical and intuitive.

If you are an artist, just check out mathematics. You have some revelations coming your way.


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