Subsequent Holes in Understanding


Reference: Subject: Education

  1. A person finds it difficult to learn a subject when there are holes in his understanding.

  2. To set up a person for self-learning the first action is to repair the holes in his understanding.

  3. As holes in a person’s understanding are mended he starts to repair further holes by himself.

  4. He is assisted in this effort by having subject contents that are laid out in a logical order.

  5. In general, a person follows up on some confusion and narrows it down.

  6. He makes a list of key words related to the area of confusion.

  7. He arranges those words in the logical order in which the concepts are related to each other.

  8. He then studies those words (concepts) and expands the list as necessary.

  9. He rearranges the words (concepts) in a better logical order as necessary.

  10. As he notices logical holes in that list he repairs them through study, research and new observations.

  11. The logical holes parallel the holes in understanding.

  12. As the logical holes are filled with correct logic, the holes in understanding are repaired.


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