The Nature of Space


Pure space = Electromagnetic phenomenon at zero frequency.

This is my conjecture. I wonder if we can prove it!

I see pure space similar to the undisturbed surface of a pond. A wave of disturbance moves outwards in a circle on the surface of pond when we lob a stone into it. Similarly, a wave of disturbance travels outwards as a sphere in space from the point of disturbance.

This disturbance travels in space as electromagnetic wave of certain frequency. The electromagnetic waves actually have a whole spectrum of frequency, but the ratio of the wavelength to the period is always constant. Einstein called this constant the speed of light “c”, but it is much more than that.

The constant “c” is the ratio of pure space to pure time.

One may object to the above conjecture by saying that the nature of disturbance within a single media is always in the form of a longitudinal wave. This is the case when sound waves travel within water or air. The transverse wave occurs only at the interface between two media. This is the case when waves travel on the surface of water where it interfaces with air. The electromagnetic waves are transverse in nature yet they travel within 3D volume of space. How do we explain this inconsistency?

It is true that the nature of disturbance in a 3D volume is longitudinal, and that it requires a 2D interface for the disturbance to be transverse. We find that electromagnetic waves are transverse because the disturbance in the volume of space takes place at the interface between electrical and magnetic media. This is an interesting observation about space.

When space is disturbed it splits into electrical and magnetic fields.


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  • David Cooke  On October 26, 2015 at 10:33 PM

    Makes sense – frequency being measured in time (as a reciprocal) and wavelength in distance. Whatever the value of c, if frequency is reduced to zero, wavelength becomes infinite and vice versa.

    I like your idea of when space is disturbed it splits into electrical and magnetic media. What we perceive as magnetic and electrical fields are complementaries that generate each other, like shiva and shakti.


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