Observation & Sickness

Reference: Scientology versus KHTK

When one’s attention goes to an area again and again, one needs to observe that area carefully for oddities and logical inconsistencies. In case of sickness, the oddity is the sick condition of of the body-mind-spirit system. There are not many options other than  to observe and resolve the sickness.

The body is a chemical engine. The mind is an electrical system within the body that directs the functions of the body. The spirit seems to be an electromagnetic field that coördinates the communication among various parts of the body and mind. For example, it manages the movement of charged hormone particles and white blood cells to the parts where they are needed. It is this field that seems to leave the body at death.

The body needs to be healthy to support the mind and the spirit. A balanced, nutritious diet is necessary to keep the body, mind and spirit functioning at best levels. Sickness comes about when lack of proper diet weakens the body. It’s immune system is then unable to protect from hostile microorganisms outside or inside the body.

No personal improvement can come about when a person is starving or sick.

Medical drugs may become necessary to support body’s immune system to fight the infection and sickness. But when the emergency is over, one must focus on building the body and its immune system. The drugs are then discontinued.

At times sickness may affect the mind and not the body. The body appears healthy and functioning properly, but the person starts to behave erratically. The reason could be stress in the environment that affects the body chemistry supporting the electrical activity of the mind.

Sickness may affect not only the body, but also the mind.

When the mental sickness continues and deepens, drugs may become necessary to correct the chemical imbalance affecting the mind. We use such drugs as an emergency measure only. They are gradually replaced by proper nutrition and diet to correct the chemical imbalance. In addition, we use mental exercises to improve the person’s ability to handle stress.

Drugs are necessary as an emergency measure to handle physical and mental sickness.

Scientology is against psychiatry. It vehemently opposes any use of psychiatric drugs. This fanatic stance has led to many tragedies among the followers of Scientology. The correct policy is to use drugs to control the acute mental condition, and build the body chemistry with proper nutrition and mental exercises. As soon as the mental sickness is under control, we drop the drugs.

It is true that there is fixation on drugs in the society to an unhealthy degree. Drugs have become a quick solution for symptoms and discomfort. Drugs are even being used to overcome boredom. One may say that life itself has come to be regarded as a disease. However, in the general course of life, a well maintained body chemistry is adequate to keep up the physical, mental and spiritual health of the person.

We must use proper education to eliminate social dependency on drugs, and place more attention on improving the physical and mental health in the society.


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  • vinaire  On September 5, 2015 at 9:21 PM

    It is interesting to note that Scientology as an organization is doing nothing to improve physical and mental health in the society. They do not have any educational programs to eliminate social dependency on drugs.

    They may have lot of photo ops but that is not the same thing.


  • MarkNR  On September 6, 2015 at 2:29 AM

    Phoro ops??? Definition.


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