Clarity of Observation

Reference: Scientology versus KHTK

Mental clarity comes from clarity of observation. Clarity of observation comes from  removal of filters.

The filters are biases, prejudices, fixed ideas, blind faith, etc. 

A filter is what one is observing through, so it is hard to even know the existence of a filter unless following some oddity leads you to it.Therefore, clarity of observation depends upon spotting oddities and resolving them. One’s personal improvement also depends on it.

Oddities or logical inconsistencies are things that do not make sense. Many logical inconsistencies are hard to spot. The only way one can spot them is by pulling strings on lesser logical inconsistencies.

One should never explain away the slightest bit of oddity. Instead, one should always investigate it. 

Here is an example of an oddity. By definition the universe is a superset of all existence. It includes everything. That means there is nothing else observing the universe except for the universe itself. The observer and the observed are part of the same system. Therefore, the idea that the observer and the observed are entirely two different systems is an oddity.

It is the universe observing itself. It is never otherwise.

If the “observer” is shrunk to a small part of the universe, such as, a human body, then it can separate itself from another part of the universe. It can then assume that it is different from what it is observing. But both “observer” and “observed” are part of this universe. The fundamental basis of both is the same.

The “observer” and the “observed” seem to be separate only when we narrow down the viewpoint.

In Scientology, one starts from the viewpoint of a human being. So, it assumes that the observer is separate from what it is observing. The idea of observer is then reduced to a “self” or “thetan”. Scientology then assumes that the “thetan” creates all that it is observing.

With the idea of “thetan”, an introversion comes about  that makes everything appear subjective.

KHTK, like science, is characterized by a universal viewpoint. Scientology is characterized by a human-centric viewpoint.


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  • vinaire  On September 8, 2015 at 9:28 PM

    A conjecture:

    A person’s inertia is proportional to the amount of filters he has.


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