How to use KHTK Mindfulness

Reference: KHTK Mindfulness

The purpose of this page is to map out the most fundamental trait of human intelligence. This trait is the ability to “see things as they are”. It is called mindfulness. It was the focus of Buddha.

This page may be used as follows:

  1. The “Mindfulness” section outlines the 12 aspects of mindfulness, and provides exercises to practice them. Study and continually practice the 12 aspects of mindfulness as and when time permits.

  2. The “Mindfulness Therapy” section provides various gradients of therapeutic actions that may be applied to help sort out the difficulties a person is having in practicing mindfulness. Proper gradient of a therapeutic action may be selected as needed by a person.

  3. The “Mindful Meditations” section provides short processes that may be applied to oneself for specific benefits through directed application of mindfulness.

  4. The “Mindful Discussion” section provides the basics of how to engage in productive discussions with others, or with yourself and with authors of the books you read. Study and practice these basics.

Please note the sections on “Mindful Therapy” and “Special Processes” are currently under development. Any feedback is welcome.

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