Mindfulness Therapy


For improvement to occur a person needs the ability to be mindful, which means that he should be able to see things as they are. It is only when a person can see things as they are that he is able to spot the source of his unwanted condition and resolve it.

When a person is mentally distressed, or ill, his ability to “see things as they are” is compromised. All the data he needs to resolve his condition is there, but he cannot recognize it and deal with it properly. External therapy cannot be applied because he cannot deal with the data locked up within him. Only actions that can now be taken are those that help him recognize what is there.

In the beginning, you can help by minimizing distractions in the environment of the mentally distressed person. If he is sick physically, then that can be taken care of through medical treatment, nutritious diet, and physical therapy. But the treatment of the mental condition requires a calm environment that is free of stress. Please see Basic Care.

Next step would be to help restore the person’s ability to recognize things on a gentle gradient. It is much easier to recognize physical objects than the subjective thoughts and ideas. So the person should gradually be brought up to a point that he can recognize physical objects in his present environment first. Please see Recognizing Objects.

The person’s memory is very fragile so no demands should be made to recall things from the past. All conversation must be limited to simple things in the present. Only when the person is able to deal with items in the present should he be asked about items from the past. Again that should be done on a gentle gradient. Please see Being Objective.

Gradually, the person should be brought up to a point that he can visualize subjective ideas and recall things from his past. His ability to recall cannot be trusted at first. His ability to be mindful would have to be built up slowly and carefully. This in itself may prove to be a wonderful therapy. Please see Memory Recall.

The next step would be to get him started on the mindfulness exercises. Please see The 12 Aspects of Mindfulness.

He will naturally start looking at his unwanted condition. Please see Handling Unwanted condition.

It may be difficult for him to deal with his emotions at first. Externally applied therapy would be needed to help discharge traumatic emotions suppressed within him. Please see Cleaning up Trauma.

Such therapy should also help strengthen his ability to be mindful. Please see the links provided above.

With these steps, the mental distress of a person can be brought down to a manageable level.  Soon the person should be able to apply mindfulness under supervision. He is now on his way to full recovery.


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  • vinaire  On October 7, 2014 at 6:54 AM

    Animals are simply aware, whereas, humans are aware of being aware.

    “Awareness of awareness” translates as:
    (1) Introversion
    (2) Intelligence

    Animals are less introverted than humans. They are also less intelligent. However, not all introversion leads to intelligence. Introversion may lead to depression and psychosis also.

    “Awareness of awareness” is therefore a two-edged sword.

    Mindfulness is the practice of seeing things as they are. It leads to control of introversion. In introversion one is looking at mental objects. This is very close to the basic nature of the mind. Depression and psychosis shall occur to the degree mental objects are confused with the mind itself.

    Animals see physical objects as they are without introversion. Animals are less intelligent because they cannot perceive mental objects.

    Humans are more intelligent because they can see both physical and mental objects. Problems with humans is the confusion that may occur between the mind and the objects being perceived.

    Humans can be made more intelligent if the negative aspects of introversion are eliminated by improving the ability to see mental objects as they are. This is where mindfulness comes in.


  • vinaire  On October 7, 2014 at 7:02 AM

    The Mindfulness processes help one see objects as they are. This is an important aspect of Mindfulness Therapy.

    Scientology has objective processes that help one see physical objects as they are. But it is missing objective processes that help one see mental objects as they are. This part is missing in the Scientology bridge. It is partially covered in Data Series written by LRH, but it was not incorporated by LRH in auditing. But it is covered in Mindfulness Therapy (see Memory recall).

    Because of this missing part in Scientology Bridge, the OTs produced are flawed.

    Hope this awareness of what is missing from the Scientology Bridge helps.


  • vinaire  On October 7, 2014 at 2:18 PM

    On Scientology OT Levels, simply substitute the word “entity” by the word “mental object” and you will understand that the OT levels are an effort to look objectively at mental objects.

    It seems that a spiritual entity is a “definition–logic circuit” is a programmed loop that can be activated to run independently. It seems to be part of programming at macromolecule level.

    When brought into awareness of a larger context, this circuit levels out and becomes absorbed into the larger context. It no longer functions as an independent loop.

    Sometimes this circuit is more complex and needs to be followed up like outpoints and narrowed down to the basic why. This is covered in “Mindfulness 11: Contemplate thoughtfully.”

    It is not necessary to assign any more significance to these entities or circuits. Leveling or resolution of such circuits may be accompanied by sensations and pictures but once they are gone that’s it. The content of those pictures does not matter. OT levels seems to assign unnecessary significance to such sensations and pictures.

    “Auditing” of these entities can just be limited to contemplation as described above. They are not “beings” that needs to be audited per the Grade Chart.


  • vinaire  On October 13, 2014 at 8:43 AM

    There is something wrong with thinking if it results in suppression of feelings. Feelings are mental objects that need to be observed as are the physical objects when thinking takes place.

    Thinking is “associations that take place” when observations are made. Thinking is controlled by restricting or manipulating observations.

    It is much easier to control the observations of mental objects than of physical objects. Feelings are mental objects and can be restricted and manipulated much more easily.

    So, thinking need not be blamed for suppression of feelings. It is suppression of observations that leads to the suppression of feelings.

    “Balancing between thinking and feelings” is easily archived by allowing observation of both physical and mental objects to take place without restrictions and manipulations. This is called mindfulness.

    Conditioning of the mind does install filters which restrict and manipulate observation. This conditioning may be discovered by observing inconsistencies and then tracking their source.


  • vinaire  On October 13, 2014 at 8:55 AM

    LRH kept on changing his technology based on trial and error. That was not squirreling because such changes were done by LRH. Such actions of trial and error were considered squirreling when done by somebody other than LRH. This was because others were not the source of Scientology.

    But the idea of “source” is a poor way of validating any change in technology. The correct way of validating a change in technology is observing its effectiveness. Another way of validation is recognizing the underlying axioms (principles) and observing that a consistency is being maintained.


  • vinaire  On October 13, 2014 at 10:10 AM

    I believe that a being is made up of the field contributed to by the macro-molecules in the cells of the body. The field is generated by the electrons in the outer shells of macromolecules. The cells may be individual but their field joins together to create the unity of the being. It is the DNA programming which then makes this field function as a being.

    This programming is continually modified by the being’s experiences.


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