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More on Unknowable

“Unknowable” has been a controversial concept, and I have been roundly criticized for presenting it. Here is another attempt to explain the concept underlying “unknowable.”

(1) We use this universe as our reference point to perceive, evaluate and understand things.

(2) But we cannot understand the universe fully by using universe as our reference point.

(3) To understand this universe fully we must use a reference point that is beyond this universe.

(4) That point beyond the universe cannot be known from a viewpoint derived from this universe..

(5) Actually, from the reference point of this universe, anything beyond this universe cannot be known.

(6) “Unknowable,” therefore, means simply That, which cannot be known from a viewpoint derived from this universe.



Space, Time & Knowledge

Anything conceived is accompanied by the dimensions of SPACE and TIME.

    1. Anything conceived is differentiated from what is around it, and from what was there before. These differentiations may be expressed as dimensions of SPACE and TIME.
    2. Mathematically, we may represent a dimension by the length of a line. The line may extend forward or backward without limits.
    3. We may represent a point on the line as a reference point, and call it ZERO. Any other point on the line would then be locatable precisely from this point.
    4. However, any such reference point would be arbitrary, as it could be located anywhere on the line.
    5. Any section of the line may be measured. We may designate a certain line segment as a unit. Any length would then consist of a number of units.
    6. However, any such unit would be arbitrary, and it could be subdivided into smaller units ad infinitum.
    7. EXAMPLE: The sea level serves as the reference point from which to measure heights and depths anywhere on earth.  We may call this reference point ZERO. The unit of “feet” may then be defined arbitrarily and fixed. The height and depth may then be measured as a number of these units.
    8. We may refer to the ZERO of a dimension as the “anchor point” because all other points in the dimension are anchored to it by the fixed arbitrary unit.
    9. We may refer to all other points in the dimension as “dimension points.”
    10. Since any point on the scale may be used as the “anchor point,” the ZERO of the dimension does not mean “absence of dimension.” It only represents the point at which the dimension is anchored.
    11. The “anchor point” of space shall be a specific location (present location); and the “dimension points” of space shall be locations differentiated from the “anchor point,” however infinitesimally.
    12. The “anchor point” of time shall be a specific moment (present time); and the “dimension points” of time shall be moments differentiated from the “anchor point,” however infinitesimally.