The Sexual Function

Sadhguru says, “All duality is striving for unity because what was once one has manifested itself as two; now there is a perpetual longing to become one.” He gives that as the reason for sex.

I don’t think that is correct. All dualities are actually dimensions assigned to Akasha by the attention field. These dimensions can be depicted as scales that stretch to infinity in either direction (see the POSTULATE # 15). This generates the infinite variations of the universe.

Sex is nature’s way of creating new combinations of atoms and monads as new identities. This is Nature’s trial and error method to evolve. Sex is natural and the nature uses DNA programming enforced through electro-chemical means to accomplish it.

The impulse underlying sex is not to become one, but to evolve.

Sexual desire is powerful. It suspends all other mental processes when a certain threshold is crossed. When not understood and suppressed it can become a terrible fixation. It has pretty much become a fixation with most people in the modern societies.

Sex is NOT two opposites making an attempt to become one. Bodies are discrete; they will never become one. You are neither your body, nor your mental matrix or identity. You are the ultimate continuum called the attention field.

The ecstasy of sex is just that. It is simply the conversion of physical energy into metaphysical energy. It gives you a taste of being the attention field.

“Masculine” and “feminine” are not opposite but complementary elements like ‘electrical” and “magnetic” of the electro-magnetic energy. There is a dance between the two as part of pleasing each other since unnecessary force is not natural. Social mores, like courting, simply make it colorful.

Men and women have different biological functions that should be understood, accepted, and smoothly integrated in the fabric of the society.

Yoga (union) doesn’t mean that everything should become one by reducing to a single point. It simply means that the existence should be seen as continuous, harmonious and consistent throughout.


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  • Chris Thompson  On January 29, 2021 at 2:39 PM

    Hi Vinay, Hoping you are having a smooth start to the new year…

    I am happy to see this post on sex and may I share some similarities that I’ve noticed about sex as following the mathematics of fractals?

    If I may say, sex is iterated, recursive and self-similar. Fractals are too.

    Just my Thursday contribution of food for thought (also mathematical?…Fractal?)

    Be well!


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