Preface (Approach to Physics)

ReferenceA Logical Approach to Theoretical Physics

It has been a while since any major contribution has been made to physical sciences in terms of fundamental theoretical research. It has not been easy to examine physical phenomena at the atomic levels. More mathematics is being demanded in modern scientific investigations in lieu of objective reality.

Newton used mathematics to “describe” the void, which could not be realistically described. Maxwell used mathematics to “describe” a postulated aether. Einstein used mathematics to “describe” space as some abstract substance. Similar use of mathematics in quantum mechanics and particle physics has only served to further lose touch with reality.

Although Newtonian mechanics, the Electromagnetic theory, the theory of Relativity, and now Quantum mechanics and Particle physics predict remarkably verifiable results in selected areas, they cannot be reconciled with each other.

The very fact that the fundamental theories of physics cannot be reconciled means that some basic assumption underlying all physics is inconsistent with reality.

The common denominator of the physical theories above is the “particles in void” approach. This approach considers the physical universe to be made up of matter and void only. Material particles are separated by void. The contact between material particles cannot be defined. The “action at a distance” problem, which arose with Newton’s theory of gravity, is still unresolved. Therefore, much confusion follows the concepts of “particle” and “void”.

This book is written on the premise that the “particles in void” framework that underlies current physics is inconsistent and it needs to be examined thoroughly to discover the missing truth,


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