The Field


Reference: Disturbance Theory


The concept of field started out as a mathematical abstraction in fluid dynamics, but it acquired the reality of a substance in electrodynamics of Faraday. Maxwell showed light to be made up of this substance. Einstein then showed this substance to be more basic than matter.

The fundamental substance that fills emptiness is the FIELD.

It is the field that condenses as matter. The atom is mostly made up of field.  The field of the atom condenses in the direction of the center.  As it condenses the electrons are formed. The most condensed part is the nucleus at the center of the atom. Matter is made up of atoms.

MATTER results from the condensation of field.

The background of the sun, moon and stars that we see should more properly be called the field. The sun, moon, and stars are simply the more enduring aspects of the field. So the ‘space” among them is actually field that can transmit force. This explains the supposed “action at a distance”.

This universe is a FIELD with the background of EMPTINESS.

The field is a continuation of emptiness. Not only must it change from emptiness to become a field, but it must continue to change to maintain itself as a field. As observed, the basic field oscillates continually between electric and magnetic states to maintain itself. The fundamental property of the field is CHANGE that distinguishes it from background emptiness.

We live in a universe of CHANGE.


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