Logical Consistency


Reference: Subject: Logic

The essay on Viewpoint & Objectivity states:

“The logical consistency is determined within a personal context at first. As the context broadens toward universality, the logical consistency improves to become increasingly objective.”

To contemplate on logical consistency let’s start from point (11) from the essay referenced above.

  1. “The mental sense develops as it interprets order among these ideas and images through an intuitive sense of logical consistency.”

  2. This intuitive sense of logical consistency involves a sense of approach toward equilibrium.

  3. The system of ideas and images of a certain context acts like a closed system.

  4. In a closed thermal system, equilibrium is suggested by a uniform “temperature” throughout the system per the Zeroth law of thermodynamics.

  5. Similarly, within a certain context, equilibrium is suggested by a uniform sense of logic throughout the context.

  6. During the process of attaining equilibrium the internal energy of a closed thermal system is conserved per the First law of thermodynamics.

  7. Similarly, the total logical sense within a certain context is conserved during the process of attaining equilibrium.

  8. This approach of a closed system toward thermal equilibrium involves spontaneous maximization of entropy per the Second Law of Thermodynamics. Entropy is the ratio of internal thermal energy to temperature.

  9. Similarly, the approach toward equilibrium within a certain context involves spontaneous maximization of total logical sense while making the sense of logic uniform throughout the context.

  10. This defines what we refer to as the intuitive sense of logical consistency.


ADDITION (12/20/15)

This essay shows that the actual logic is limited by the context one uses and not because of lack of intuitive sense of logical consistency.

This means that the usual mental drawbacks in life arise from a context that is somehow narrow, binding and confusing.

The solution is to spot logical inconsistencies in the context one is using and look at them closely. This helps increase the context.


NOTES (Oct 27, 2022):

  1. The degree of continuity, consistency and harmony determines the logic of a system.
  2. The maximization of logic is constrained by the bounds of the context.
  3. Perfect logic is possible only within an infinite context.
  4. Intuition arises from broadening one’s context and viewpoint.
  5. To be perfectly logical one must broaden one’s viewpoint as much as possible.


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  • Chris Thompson  On December 22, 2015 at 11:44 PM

    “The solution is to spot logical inconsistencies in the context one is using and look at them closely.”

    A wonderful statement. Understanding the fit and relevance of context is to make an important step toward understanding the relativity of truth. Being mindful of context helps achieve balance of judgment.

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