What the Buddha Taught

What Buddha Taught

Book: What the Buddha Taught by Walpola Rahula





The Buddha


Chapter 1: The Buddhist Attitude of Mind

Chapter 2: The First Noble Truth: Dukkha

Chapter 3: The Second Noble Truth: The Arising of Dukkha

Chapter 4: The Third Noble Truth: The Cessation of Dukkha

Chapter 5: The Fourth Noble Truth: The Path

Chapter 6: The Doctrine of No-Soul: Anatta

Chapter 6A: Comments on The Doctrine of No-Soul: Anatta

Chapter 7: ‘Meditation’ or Mental Culture: Bhavana

Chapter 8: What the Buddha Taught and the World Today



Setting in Motion the Wheel of Truth

The Fire Sermon

Universal Love


Getting rid of All Cares and Troubles

The Parable of the Piece of Cloth

The Foundations of Mindfulness

Advice to Sigala

The Words of Truth

The Last Words of the Buddha





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  • Nic  On October 6, 2013 at 7:54 AM

    Hello Vin , this comm, may not be exact .
    Using idenics , I see that you have not determined if
    a Spirit exists or not . This is a limitation I think.
    In the Vedas and Upanishads is clearly and well said
    the ‘ existence of a Spirit . As you well know.
    In making some texts of Buddhism , I see
    and I invite you to look at , Your refusal and denial
    the Spirit . Having also studied Ron – Tech
    Inspect if you want an implant , which under , under the
    level of awareness and persuades suggests
    to reject and deny the Spirit . ” A fool takes
    things worthy , as unworthy , and things unworthy
    as worthy . Buddha ” . This is in my opinion
    Walpola Rahula . See Thy strong training
    in physics ( MEST ) influence you and many more. It ‘ a
    identity – value , I suggest if you let it .
    The values ​​are varied . As I said in
    other comm, the doctrine of the Buddha has been very
    altered, bringing one Spirit to only one result :
    Effect . What do you think of Spirit that can
    out of the body as and when they want ?
    And ‘ one of the aggregates you’ve posted ?
    Taking these aggregates , putting them together
    in a laboratotio … you do not get life .
    So how life began ? From an atom ?
    You posted : It ‘s all a circle ! And ‘ avoid
    direct answer, is not it? One Spirit is not
    can be compared to anything in this universe ,
    as it is not a product or part . It can be
    also be described in negative terms. so he
    the Buddha did , so did Ron . I expected
    the speech of non- self, the Buddha. does not justify
    tions of the text that I mentioned. Well done for the rest.


    • vinaire  On October 6, 2013 at 8:41 AM

      Hello Nic. I do not deny spirit, just as I do not deny the center of mass. Both are useful concepts and they tie a lot of observations together. But it seems that the idea of spirit being a permanent and unvarying entity is just a hypothesis.

      I have studied Vedas and Upnishads. They talk about spirit, but I do not think that they look at spirit as a permanent entity.

      An implant is essentially something fixed. So, an implant can also be the fixed idea that spirit is a permanent entity. I like to keep my mind open and keep on looking. An implanted mind is a closed mind.

      I don’t believe in Buddha or Buddhism as being the final word. Buddha himself said to question everything. So, I question Buddha just like I question everything else. I observe and make conclusions but those conclusions can always change based on new observations.

      I do not deny the ‘out of body’ experience. Many people have had that experience. I have had that experience too. But that does not prove the existence of a permanent spirit. This is a phenomenon that can have other explanations too. So, I keep my mind open and continue to explore.

      In summary, I do not deny the spirit. I look at it as a useful concept. I do not subscribe to the idea of spirit being a permanent entity. I believe that there is more to be learned about the nature of the spirit.



  • Nic  On October 6, 2013 at 1:06 PM

    Thanks Your reply has common sense and a healthy
    judgment. Very , very well, for your KHKT on
    degrees , objective and so on. If the former cos stop
    Ron ape . Include the material and make them
    rewrite , avoiding problems of copyright , we will
    a new ” bridge ” or” off ” . Shortly after use
    free , something hips . And ‘ the basic material.
    Well your search. From my research , I found
    interesting things , very much. Among other data .
    This data , used in session work , although
    the truth that emerges , is another , compared to that
    the liv ot. You know idenics , you can understand.
    There is of ‘ another , and over the hot potato, that the
    currently not accessible. this figure
    swept in a shot, the religions of the past
    millennia. In Ruds I had a fluctuating and a ta
    fn for almost a week . Search using the data.
    Therefore you are a living example, appreciate that.
    All auditing from one book to liv ot , is incomplete.
    The lev. ‘ ot ‘ , are not’is and alter is , is this : No bt.
    do not suspect and do not know .
    Even the old liv . ot are so .
    This is obvious from my point of view and research.
    I could provide references and would begin to
    understand , and how to apply the data .
    Why liv ot do not work? It ‘s impossible
    they work ! Except in the case of wanting to risk
    a counter flow … and we seriously ot
    sick. Others do not go effect immediately , or not
    nor speak . Even in the blog ‘s, one sees a
    imbalance in these ot ” ” .
    The Way Forward is Your .
    I used a test: If you can not say one thing in two
    three different ways, you’re stuck in it.
    An example of research .
    How to have mock ups ? Do not think about un______
    elephant , house, car , cat, ice cream, etc. etc. .
    What do you think ?
    Good continuation and research.


    • vinaire  On October 6, 2013 at 4:52 PM

      These exercises may look similar to those in Scientology but they are actually applied very differently. Here one uses the technique of mindfulness. No e-meter is used. There is no idea of achieving EP and FNing on it.


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