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Granting of Beingness & Space

In my opinion, Granting of Beingness would be letting something (or somebody) be what it is, and making no efforts to alter it by adding or subtracting to it.

You are not giving it life. It is what it is.

You are not creating energy. What is there is already there.

You are simply becoming aware of it.

By granting beingness you are not changing anything out there. You are simply becoming less judgmental.

Self is merely a label for a combination of locations, movements, particles and considerations. Such label may be applied to other combinations of locations, movements, particles and considerations.

Looking at something as ‘self’ is one step away from seeing what is really there. It is being judgmental to some degree.

There is simply this process of looking and becoming aware of what is there. ‘Who is looking’ is an idea and ‘what is being looked at’ is also an idea. One may use the label ‘orientation point’ for who is looking. and ‘symbol’ for what is being looked at. These things may be considered points or locations in the “space” of awareness. As far as locations go, they are all relative to one another.

Just like there are locations in space, ‘Orientation point’ and ‘symbol’ are points within awareness. There is no absolute point outside of awareness. Locations, or points, orient themselves to one another in a mutual fashion and become aware of each other.

And therefore,

  1. Space is simply there. It is also awareness. So awareness is simply there.

  2. Awareness may focus, or concentrate, itself at any point within itself, and call that an ‘orientation point’.

  3. Awareness may also focus, or concentrate, itself on another point within itself, and call that a ‘symbol’.

  4. Awareness may then differentiate between these two points, and call that a measure or ‘dimension’.

  5. Awareness, or space, shall then consist of points (locations) and measurable properties (dimensions). This may be represented mathematically by scales.

  6. But the awareness, or space, is already there. It is not created. It simply focuses and concentrates upon itself in various ways.