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The Postulates 31 …

Reference: Course on the Universe

When we apply the method of SUBJECT CLEARING to the general knowledge we inevitably end up with the following postulates. 


POSTULATE # 31: Underlying an anomaly there is fixation of attention.

COROLLARY: Fixed attention generates anomalies.

Most people have their attention fixated on the body and identity. This leads to fixations on survival and politics. All reactions, as in obsessive-compulsive behavior, are fixations. When you are trying to locate an anomaly, follow the trail of fixation of attention. When you are trying to resolve an anomaly, work out the anatomy of fixations involved. Illusions arise when there are fixations. When you recognize fixations for what they are, you free yourself from them.

Fixations on body appear in the belief that one is just the body. Such a person is fixated on taking care of the body. He rarely have “out-of-body” experiences. Attention gets centered on the body as new sensations are encountered; but when that attention is suppressed it gets fixated there. Attention definitely gets fixated on the body when there are shocks, accidents, and illnesses.

In Scientology, attention gets fixated on individuality when one makes an effort to resolve present and past identities. The attention naturally settles in exploring the environment. For remedies of fixated attention refer to the POSTULATES 26, 27 and 28.


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The Postulates 26 – 30

Reference: Course on the Universe

When we apply the method of SUBJECT CLEARING to the general knowledge we inevitably end up with the following postulates. 


POSTULATE # 26: The ability to resolve anomalies increases as the viewpoint becomes broader. 

COROLLARY: The viewpoint is as broad as it is not fixated and is free to consider.

The narrowest viewpoint is one that is stuck in some mystery. The biggest mystery is when the viewpoint is unconsciousness. As the viewpoint starts to become conscious it becomes aware of the mystery. It finds itself waiting for something to come up, or happen. As it becomes aware of waiting it starts to feel anxious about its survival, and its attention gets fixated on reproducing itself. As it moves beyond the anxiety of sex, its attention gets fixated on eating. It even consumes thoughts and ideas in their literal, symbolic form. It must then overcome its fixation on  “figure-figure” type of thinking. As it moves beyond this level, it makes effort to collect data and analyze it. Beyond that it simply starts to rely on emotions. As the attention gets freed up from these fixations the viewpoint is increasingly able to see things as they are, to directly know about them, to become aware of what it does not know, and finally, to know fully.

The technique of meditation that helps this broadening of viewpoint is provided at Meditation from Mystery to Knowing. The viewpoint, ultimately, becomes free of all fixed ideas, biases, prejudices and other filters and, knows things in their totality.


POSTULATE # 27: Meditation with the discipline of mindfulness helps solve anomalies.

DEFINITION: The discipline of mindfulness helps overcome filters that one may be looking through.

Anomalies exist because the viewpoint is unable to get full and clear picture of a situation. This is partly because it is unwittingly looking through certain filters. We know these filters as prejudices, biases, fixed ideas, etc.; but the person is simply not aware of them. In meditation, the Discipline of Mindfulness allows the person to view the subject of meditation clearly without such filters. This discipline is essential when meditating on “mystery to knowing” as covered in Postulate # 26. 


POSTULATE # 28: Resolution of anomalies is further supported by Subject Clearing.

DEFINITION: Subject Clearing is detecting the basic postulates, assumptions and erroneous ideas present in a subject.

Anomalies also exist partly because the information is not sorted out fully. In the Information Age of today, there is plenty of data available, but skill is required to sort out the relevant data from deceptive, misleading and irrelevant information. One must identify what is really missing and be able to research it. A person can very quickly learn this skill by using the procedure of Subject Clearing. This procedure helps detect and clear up assumptions and erroneous ideas present in a subject. Subject clearing and meditation with the discipline of mindfulness go hand-in-hand. 


POSTULATE # 29: The attention field continues while the identities disintegrate and regenerate.

COROLLARY: The recycling of identities supports the evolution of the attention field. 

Death is the disintegration of identities into energy. From that energy new identities are generated. This recycling of identities is essential for the evolution of the attention field, which is the true self. Only the discrete identities (made up of bodies and mental matrices) die and take birth. The continuum of attention field, which is the integrated awareness of the universe, never perishes. The true eternal self is the attention field. Anomaly comes about when the self starts to believe that it is an identity. When this happens, the self gets trapped into worrying about life and death.

A soul is the idea promoted by some religions that your identity continues after death. What continues is the attention field. A religion giving hope for a finite identity to survive forever is an anomaly. One should let the identity live and die with dignity.


POSTULATE # 30: The root cause of all human troubles is the attachment to an identity (individualism).

COROLLARY: Trouble arises when individualism is given priority over the natural goals of family, groups, state, country, mankind, life, and the universe.

Ideally, the goals of an individual should be consistent with the natural goals of family, groups, state, country, mankind, life organisms, etc. When individual goals are in conflict, but still given a higher priority, then we have individualism at play. A good example of individualism is the anomalies in politics that undermine the natural growth and well being of a country. Whenever selfish intentions take priority over the welfare of family and the community, we have trouble. Peace and prosperity arise when individual goals and actions are consistent with the natural goals of family, groups, state, country, mankind, life organisms, etc.


Meditation from Mystery to Knowing

Reference: Course on Human Nature

This meditation is done under the Discipline of Mindfulness. It helps the viewpoint of a person move from being in mystery to a state of full knowing.

During this meditation, the person starts by focusing on the notion of mystery. Then he works his way up by focusing sequentially on mystery of unconsciousness and waiting; fixation on sex, eating, symbols, thinking, effort, and emotions; and on looking, knowing about, and not-knowing; and finally, on full knowing. 

At each level the meditation is resolving some sort of fixation. If you meditate at a level for a few minutes and find no fixations, simply move to the next level. If a fixation comes up then simply be aware of it and continue to meditate using the discipline of mindfulness. You will know when that fixation is resolved. You then move to the next level of focus.

You go through all these levels in sequence again and again. It may take weeks or months until you suddenly find that there are no fixations any more. As you make progress you will feel an increasing sense of freedom. Finally you will have a great sense of freedom.

“Meditate on the notion of mystery.”

A mystery is anything that remains unexplained or unknown. The anatomy of Mystery is an inability to predict, followed by terrific confusion and then total blackout. The person just shut it all off and said, “I won’t look at it anymore”. Mystery is the level of always pretending there’s something to know earlier than the Mystery. There really is nothing to know back of a Mystery, except the Mystery itself. Meditate on mystery until you recognize that it is a mystery. There is nothing earlier; you just have to look closely at what is there.

“Meditate on the mystery of unconsciousness.”

Unconsciousness is a condition wherein the organism is uncoordinated to greater or lesser degree in its analytical process and motor controls, such as, under anesthesia. Death is more than unconsciousness; it is the disintegration of the body and identity into atoms and monads. You meditate on the mystery of unconsciousness to see what comes up. Meditate on unconsciousness until the feeling of mystery starts to resolve.

“Meditate on the mystery of waiting.”

Waiting is inactivity or being in a state of repose, until something expected happens. You meditate on waiting to see if any mystery comes up. If so then meditate on it until the feeling of mystery starts to resolve.

“Meditate on the fixation on sex.”

When a person thinks he is not going to survive, he will go into the “sexing-ness band”. If you starve cattle for a while they’ll start to breed, and if you feed them too well, they’ll stop breeding. This shows that the fixation on sex is closely associated with the anxiety to survive. Meditate on fixation on sex (on anxiety to survive) until the feeling of fixation starts to resolve.

Meditate on the fixation on eating.”

Animals eat animals to stay alive. This is their level of knowledge. Here we have fixation on eating and the knowledge associated with it is very condensed. This is what we understand as the dog eat dog world. One has no appreciation of other people and things, other than as means for their own survival. Meditate on any fixation related to eating (on own survival) until the feeling of fixation starts to resolve.

Meditate on the fixation on symbols.”

A symbol contains mass, meaning and mobility and it is in motion relative to some orientation point. At this level a person figures with symbols. His sense of knowledge is very literal, and it doesn’t go any deeper than the surface. Meditate on any fixation on symbols until the feeling of fixation starts to resolve.

Meditate on the fixation on thinking.”

At this level a person is fixated on thinking.  He is, forever, trying to figure things out. There is no progress because he cannot work or act. This is the “figure-figure” case. Meditate on any fixation on thinking until the feeling of fixation starts to resolve.

Meditate on the fixation on effort.”

At this level a person got to touch everything and feel everything before he can know anything. He’ll get a mental image picture of a past incident in order to get an idea of what is happening to him in the present. He cannot observe for himself. Meditate on any fixation on effort until the feeling of fixation starts to resolve.

Meditate on the fixation on emotion.”

At this level we have to have knowledge by emotion. A person has all kinds of emotions about things. He knows things by his emotional reaction to them. Meditate on any fixation on emotion until the feeling of fixation starts to resolve.

“Meditate on looking.”

At this level we have to look to find out as opposed to simply knowing. Meditate on looking and not simply knowing until whatever came up starts to resolve.

“Meditate on knowing about.”

At this level a person has indirect knowledge of something as opposed to knowing it intimately. In this process you meditate on things you only know about indirectly until whatever came up starts to resolve.

“Meditate on not-knowing.”

There are things that we don’t know anything about and use speculation in their place. Then we start to believe that speculation to be the reality. In this process you meditate on knowledge that is speculation only until whatever came up starts to resolve.

“Meditate on knowing.”

There are things that you are so intimately familiar with that they have become part of your nature. You don’t even notice them. In this process you meditate on things that have become second nature to you until whatever came up starts to resolve.


The Postulates 21 – 25

Reference: Course on the Universe

When we apply the method of SUBJECT CLEARING to the general knowledge we inevitably end up with the following postulates. 


POSTULATE # 21: The basic self is the attention field that encompasses the bodies and their mental matrices.

COROLLARY: The body and its mental matrix form an identity that has a viewpoint.

The attention field is not discrete—it exists as a single continuum. Within this continuum exist the discrete identities formed out of bodies and their mental matrices. The body acts as the interface between Akasha and the Attention field.  The mental matrix sorts out he metaphysical energy converted from the physical energy of Akasha by the body. The essential function of the identity is to build up the the attention field—the basic self—such that it reflects the universe of Akasha.

Christianity has the concept of a spiritual soul separable from the physical body based on “out-of-body” experiences. But the “out-of-body” experiences occur when the viewpoint of the identity is no longer fixated on the body and it can move around in the attention field outside the body. The “soul” is essentially the viewpoint of an identity. We think that we are these discrete viewpoints of identities, but the true self is the continuum of the attention field. 


POSTULATE # 22: The body forms the interface between the universal field of Akasha and the Attention field. 

COROLLARY: The body converts physical energy of Akasha into metaphysical energy of the Attention field.

Body’s sense organs interact with the external “physical” energy of Akasha and produce electro-chemical signals that travel to the cells of the body. The cells transform these electro-chemical signals into internal “metaphysical” energy to be assimilated by the mental matrix into perceptions. The mental matrix then directs the body to interact with the environment in specific ways to resolve anomalies in perceptions. These actions of the body as directed by the mental matrix are called ‘karma’. ‘Karma’ ceases when the anomalies in the mental matrix are resolved. The body thus serves as the “physical-metaphysical” interface.


POSTULATE # 23: The mental matrix assimilates the metaphysical energy from the body into its matrix of perceptions.

COROLLARY: The anomalies in the matrix continually generate instructions for the body to act in a way to resolve them.

The mental matrix surrounds the body as an aura. It assimilates the incoming “metaphysical” energy with the existing stored energy to generate perceptions in real time. The assimilation merges alike perceptions together. Gaps among perceptions are filled with ‘tentative’ projections along with the generation of perplexities, doubts and questions. These then initiate actions to resolve the anomalies. 

This assimilation also leads to the formation of concepts and general notions that are retained to speed up subsequent assimilations. This is the function called “intellect”. The perceptions that are fully assimilated become continuous, harmonious and consistent like the universe they are reflecting. Such perceptions may be called “wisdom”.  They become part of the attention field. The purpose of the mental matrix is to strengthen the attention field by resolving all anomalies.


POSTULATE # 24: The attention field is the outcome of assimilation of all the mental matrices in the universe.

COROLLARY: The purpose of the attention field is to reflect the universe of Akasha in its entirety.

All identities (bodies and mental matrices) in the universe are working towards building the attention field. As their perceptions are assimilated they become part of the attention field. So, underlying all the discrete identities we have the continuum of attention field. We may say that the attention field is essentially observing the Akasha and duplicating it through all the identities. 

The Akasha is continuous, harmonious and consistent, and so is the Attention field in its perception, and this forms the basis of the metaphysics of logic. Both Akasha and Attention field last for the duration of the universal cycle. 


POSTULATE # 25: The discrete identities are just the temporary aspects of self. The actual self is the continuous attention field. 

COROLLARY: The identities disintegrate and reintegrate, but the attention field continues as the core of self.

The identities are impermanent in that they take birth, they grow, they get old and die. When identities die they disintegrate into atoms and monads. These atoms and monads then reintegrate into new identities. Thus comes about the process of birth. No identity ever continues forever. The only permanent aspect is the attention field. The attention field participates neither in death, nor in birth. It simply continues as the basis of self. The whole purpose of death and birth of identities is for the physical-metaphysical interface to continue to evolve. This interface is there to build up the attention field.

Knowing yourself is an ever continuing process that doesn’t stop with death. It is not a stretch to say that all of us may, ultimately, share the same basic self. This confirms the ancient view expressed in the Vedas. 


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