The Universe & Thinking

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

This Key Word List and Glossary considers thinking in the universe. Looking is inevitably followed by thinking to fill in the gaps from looking. The essence of thinking is to establish continuity, consistency and harmony of reality.


Key Word List

Thinking, Postulate, Truth, Anomaly, Reason, Visualize, Create, Thought, Consideration, Logic, Consciousness, Speculation



Thinking is postulating and interjecting ideas to make sense out of what is there. Thinking starts with making considerations.

A postulate is a self-created truth based on which further reasoning is done. A postulate is made of perceptual elements.

Truth is the integrity (continuity, consistency, and harmony) of reality. In other words, truth is an absence of anomalies. To the degree anomalies are present, some truth is missing.

An anomaly is any violation of the integrity of reality, such as, discontinuity (missing data), inconsistency (contradictory data), or disharmony (arbitrary data).

Origin: “Ratio.” Reasoning is generating patterns in mental matrix that are continuous consistent and harmonious (have no anomalies), to resolve inconsistencies.

To consider is to examine what is there and give it a shape through visualization. A consideration is the shape given as a structure of associations. The moment something is triggered by the unknowable, it is defined in the mind by considerations.

To visualize is to rearrange perceptual elements into a new pattern.

The ability to create is the ability to visualize something consistent.

Thought is the dimension of relations, associations, considerations, concepts, and ideas. The continuity, consistency and harmony in this dimension provides the sense of logic.

Origin: “Of speech or reason.” Logic is the system or principles of reasoning. The basic condition of logic is the continuity, harmony and consistency of reality. The mind naturally follows that condition unless interfered with.

Consciousness is the result of assimilation of the mental matrix. The finer is the assimilation, the greater is the consciousness.

Origin: “to watch over, explore“. There is always some speculation in thinking, but thinking reduces to speculation only, when possibilities are entertained that do not have firm basis.


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