Running Scientology Processes with Subject Clearing

Reference: Course on Subject Clearing

In running these Scientology processes you shall be taking the Subject Clearing approach instead of the Scientology approach. That is why they are referred to as exercises. Before you start running these exercises make sure you have completed the first two sections of the Course on Subject Clearing.



Please study the following. Make sure you understand the concepts outlined here.

  1. Anomalies: Assumptions & Distortions
  2. The Matrix Approach
  3. Mind: The Tool for Resolving Anomalies
  4. Auditing and Meditation
  5. Be There and Confront
  6. The 12 Aspects of Mindfulness

Please practice the following exercises until they have become a part of you.

  1. The Discipline of Subject Clearing
    1. Observe without Desires
    2. Observe without Assuming
    3. Observe what is Missing
    4. Observe the Incomprehensible
    5. Observe all Senses
    6. Let the Mind Un-stack
    7. Experience Fully
    8. Do not suppress
    9. Associate Data freely
    10. Observe beyond Name and Form
    11. Contemplate thoughtfully
    12. Let it be effortless
  2. Extroversion & Orientation
  3. Visualization Exercise
  4. TR0 with Mindfulness



Here is my suggestion for running these Grade processes with Subject Clearing approach:

  1. Start with Grade 0 exercises in sequence.
  2. Spend not more than 5 minutes on each process. You will know in that time if the process is going to work for you or not. If it works continue with it. If not go to the next process.
  3. Finish all the exercise of Grade 0 this way.
  4. You may go through Grade 0 exercises once again, or go to Grade 1 exercises.
  5. Go up to Grade 5 exercises this way. You are bound to get some fantastic results along the way.
  6. Then you may recycle through Grade 0 to 5 once again. Now that you are a bit experienced some more processes might bite.
  7. Once you have gone through Grades 0 to 5 a couple of times we can talk about Grade 6.
  8. I do not recommend running Grade 7 or the OT levels. These are based on flawed reasoning.


Scientology Grade Processes

You may run these processes in any order you wish, and as many times as you wish, as long as you are using the Subject Clearing approach.

  1. Grade 0 Exercises
  2. Grade 1 Exercises
  3. Grade 2 Exercises
  4. Grade 3 Exercises
  5. Grade 4 Exercises
  6. Grade 5 Exercises
  7. Grade 6 Exercises

I do not recommend running Grade 7. It proceeds from unwarranted assumptions, based entirely on E-meter that is not trustworthy at this level. Once inner sense works better than the e-meter.

E-Meter and OT Auditing

But the data is presented here to make sure there is no mystery, since these levels were deemed “confidential.”

Grade 7 Exercises


Scientology OT Levels

I do not recommend running the “confidential” OT Levels for the same reason as for Grade 7. These levels are briefly introduced below.

Scientology OT Levels


Special Rundowns

The three L Rundowns (L10, L11 and L12) are the ultimate processes in Scientology that drill into the mind as fast as possible and resolve some of its aberrations as quickly as possible.

The L Rundowns


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  • vinaire  On March 30, 2023 at 2:37 PM

    I know that some people are running these processes by themselves. I would like to know how it is going.

    Please let me know. Thank you.


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