Inner Engineering—BODY

The following are some interesting points derived from the Chapter on BODY from Sadhguru’s amazing book Inner Engineering. These points are offered with my salutations to Sadhguru.


The Ultimate Machine 

(1) The human body is the ultimate machine.

(2) The physical body is designed and structured to function by itself.

(3) There is an intelligence at work within the body, way beyond the logical mind.


“Something there is that doesn’t love a wall” 

(4) This intelligence has the consciousness of being more than just physical. 

(5) It has the goal to evolve until it becomes boundless. 

(6) It is struggling with the walls of resistance that have come into existence as “self-preservation”. 


Life Sense: Knowing Life Beyond the Senses 

(7) The human body senses the world through its five physical senses.

(8) The perception relates to what is outside, but the seat of attention is within.

(9) Attention is a dimension beyond the five sense perceptions. 

(10) It is your quality of attention that determines how effective and successful you are.

(11) Enhancing of attention is what you need, and not necessarily the conclusion about things. 

(12) Enhancing of attention means enhancing your ability to receive life, just as it is. 


Listening to Life 

(13) Hath Yoga is the science of using the body to hasten your evolutionary process.

(14) Yogasana is the science of aligning your inner geometry with the cosmic geometry. 

(15) If you consciously get your body into different postures, you can elevate your consciousness

(16) When the body doesn’t function as it should, it can rob your life of every other aspiration. 

(17) Preparing the body sufficiently before one goes into more intense forms of meditation is very important. 

(18) Asanas prepare you for growth and transformation by equipping you with a solid and stable foundation.


Downloading the Cosmos 

(19) Holding body in the right position makes you receptive to all there is in existence.

(20) All that happens to this existence is happening, in some way, to this body. 

(21) In Yoga, we transform the physical body into a powerful instrument of perception and knowing. 


Intensity of Inactivity 

(22) When you reach the peak of effort, you become effortless, which means you have transcended the need for physical action. 

(23) You arrive at such states in Yoga through the intensity of inactivity of yogic postures. It is in such states that you have a taste of the beyond.

(24) Meditation is not an act, but a natural consequence of the “intensity of being” that has been achieved—your humanity simply overflows.


Morsel of the Earth 

(25) You are a small outcrop of this planet, everything that is happening to any part of the universe is also in some way happening to you!

(26) Being at the magnetic equator promotes a certain balance and equanimity in the life of the spiritual seeker. 

(27) You can go slowly, step-by-step, accepting all natural assistance available to you, to support your spiritual growth. 


In Sync with the Sun 

(28) For the solar system and for the individual, being rooted in cyclical nature gives a certain firmness and steadiness to life.

(29) Yogic practice is aimed at enabling you to ride the cycle, so you have the right kind of foundation for consciousness.

(30) The surya namaskar is essentially about building a dimension within you where your physical bodily cycles are in sync with the sun’s cycles. 


Elemental Mischief

(31) The entire cosmos is just a magnified projection of a little occurrence happening within you—the play of five elements. 

(32) The most fundamental practice in the yogic system is the cleansing of the elements in the physical system so that they work in harmony. 

(33) The play of five elements is highly evolved and complicated, but the key to freedom is your limited identity. 


When the Shit Hit the Ceiling 

(34) Relief from something that has built into a great pressure within you is always the greatest pleasure.

(35) The body with an unwanted condition can become a big issue between you and your enjoyment of life. 

(36) Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the various activities of the body, in relation to food, sleep, and sex. 


Food as Fuel 

(37) The way you eat not only decides your physical health, but the very way you think, feel, and experience life. 

(38) You need to eat the right kind of food depending on your inclination and what you want out of your life. 

(39) The compatibility of the fuel and the machine is of great importance if you are seeking a certain caliber of service. 

(40) Your system needs certain enzymes to digest cooked food; all the enzymes necessary for this process are not present in the body alone.

(41) The food that you eat also contains these enzymes, but generally eighty to ninety percent of the enzymes are destroyed when you cook the food.

(42) If we ate foods with the necessary enzymes, the system would be functioning at a completely different level of efficiency.

(43) Eating natural foods, in their uncooked condition, when the cells are still alive, will bring an enormous sense of health and vitality to the system. 

(44) The kind of food your body feels most comfortable with, not your tongue, is always the ideal food to eat. 

(45) By just looking at or touching the food you can know its potential impact on your system. 

(46) The more reverence for food you have, the more efficiently it will nourish your body.

(47) Consuming anything in seed form can greatly enhance human health on many levels.

(48) Soak seed, such as, almond, in water for six to eight hours to flush out natural toxins, before eating them.


Hell’s Kitchen

(49) In yoga, it is only a question of whether the food is compatible with the kind of body that we own. 

(50) We should first pay attention to the type of fuel this body designed for. Modifications, adjustments, and adaptations of diet should come later. 

(51) If there is a choice, it is important that you eat consciously, and are led not by the compulsion of the tongue.

(52) Carnivores are capable of only a cutting action in their jaws, but the herbivores are capable of both cutting and grinding actions. 

(53) In herbivores digestion starts in the mouth; the stomach region is expecting partially digested food to efficiently complete the process. 

(54) Carnivores have distinctly shorter alimentary canals than herbivores, because meat putrefies if it stays for too long in the system. 

(55) Food that is nutritious and full of life is systematically degraded through the cooking process.

(56) The following are the times for food to pass through your digestive system:

… raw meat ………………….. 70 – 72 hours 

… cooked meat ……….….….. 50 – 52 hours 

… cooked vegetables ………. 24 – 30 hours

… uncooked vegetables …… 12 – 15 hours

… fruits ……………………….. 1 1/2 – 3 hours

(57) Most carnivorous animals do not eat every day. They know the food they eat moves very slowly through their tracts. 


The Protein Debate

(58) Only three percent of our body is composed of protein and excess protein consumption can cause cancer. 

(59) A very small portion of the meat that one consumes can fulfill the human protein requirement. 

(60) The remaining portion manifests as a drop in one’s sensitivity of perception, and, therefore, regarded as spiritually unsupportive.


Digestion Drama 

(61) One should not consume a jumble of foods, that require both acids and alkalis to digest them.

(62) So, every individual must arrive at his or her own balance of diet by observation and awareness. 

(63) Ayurveda is a system that uses external plant life and earth elements to promote health and to correct systemic irregularities.


Evolutionary Code

(64) The best non-vegetarian food to eat is fish because it has high nutritional value, is easily digestible as well as assimilable. 

(65) We are incapable of completely integrating more evolved, intelligent, and emotionally endowed creatures into our systems. 

(66) Lack of integration of evolutionary code of such creatures contribute greatly to the levels of stress we experience.


Gastronomic Sense 

(67) The human system goes through a cycle of forty to forty-eight days called mandala. During three days of this cycle the body does not need food. 

(68) If you are conscious of how your body functions, you will become aware that on a particular day the body does not require food.

(69) People who are not conscious of it, may fast, or opt to go on a fruit diet, on the eleventh day of the lunar segment that recurs every fourteen days. 

(70) Fasting helps forward the purpose of Yoga to free up the attention from the body. 

(71) Fasting helps you loosen you from your identification with the physical body, and enhances your awareness of the other dimensions.

(72) The essence of fasting is turning eating from a compulsive pattern into a conscious process. 


Restlessness to Restfulness 

(73) it is your inability to handle your own system that is stressing you out. What the body needs is not sleep but restfulness. 

(74) Restfulness essentially defines the replenishing and rejuvenating capability of the body. 

(75) When the pulse rate is low the body is running much more efficiently and at a relaxed pace. 

(76) Keeping yourself fit and well is not a battle. Do some activity that you enjoy. 

(77) There is no need to fix the quota of either food or sleep. Let your body be the judge. 

(78) Keep the body in such a way that it is longing to come awake, and not longing to avoid or escape life.


Carnal to Cosmic 

(79) What we call sex is just two parts of this duality striving to become one. 

(80) Nature wants to fulfill the functions of procreation and the survival of the species. 

(81) Sex is natural; it is there in the body, it is fine, it is beautiful, but there is fixation on sex among human beings.


Hormonal Hijack

(82) Sex is a normal function, but the fixation on it is not normal.

(83) Fixation comes about when the normal urges of the body, and the normal curiosity of the mind are not satisfied.

(84) Fixation makes a small aspect of your life become whole of your life.

(85) Fixation on the body is not normal either. 

(86) We get fixated when we forget about the purpose of the body.

(87) The whole purpose of the body is to gain experience from the universe and learn from it.


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