Exercise 2




To train the student to BE there and comfortably perceive through reactions. The idea is to get the student to BE there and not do anything else but BE there.


Complete Chapter 2: Exercise 1

Study Chapter 3: Reactions


Establish yourself in a comfortable meditative posture per Exercise 1. Hold still, watching the flow of your breath, not attaching yourself to passing reactions.

When there is the reaction of sleepiness, let it pass through you without any resistance. Fully experience the drowsiness and even unconsciousness that follows. When the experience is complete, sleepiness will clear up and will not bother you again.

When there are thoughts racing in the mind, observe them without getting involved. Confront the missing information as it shows up. When the information is complete, the racing mind will calm down and the subject of racing thoughts will not bother you again.

In meditation one observes without thinking or attempting to get an answer.

When there are reactions, such as, dullness, perception trouble, fogginess, pains, emotions and even convulsions, confront them patiently until they discharge and vanish.

When there are eye blinks, swallows, twitches, aches, and pains, then look around in your mind if there is some idea, thought or situation waiting to be confronted.

Simply be there and perceive whatever underlies the reactions. Do not deny, avoid, resist or suppress.

Continue meditating for at least 20 to 30 minute. You may do this exercise for hours at a stretch, or repeat it over several shorter periods until you reach the end.


When you can BE there comfortably and PERCEIVE, and there are no persisting reactions, the exercise is passed.


Reference: Mindfulness Meditation


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