Many people struggle to remain awake in meditation, others battle with the thoughts racing in their mind; and still more grind through their aches and pains. The persistence of these reactions means that one is not meditating correctly.

The clever thing to do with any reaction is to not resist but observe it carefully. When feeling sleepy, simply observe that feeling pass through you. You may feel drowsy, and even go unconscious for a while, but let that sleepiness complete its course. When you have fully experienced the reaction of sleepiness it will clear up and will not bother you again.

Experiencing is part of perceiving what is there.

When thoughts are racing in the mind, the information available is not complete. Most likely the missing information is suppressed because it is painful. Observe the racing thoughts without getting involved in them, and be prepared to confront the missing information as it shows up. The racing of thoughts then reduces and old problems begin to resolve.

Confronting patiently is part of fully perceiving what is there.

Here the word confront is used in the sense “to face without avoiding or withdrawing,” which is one of the meanings found in the dictionary.

The subject of CONFRONTING is treated in some detail in the subject of Scientology, where L. Ron Hubbard writes,

Amazing reactions occur when conscious effort is made to do this. Dullness, perception trouble, fogginess, sleep and even pains, emotions and convulsions can occur when one knowingly sets out to BE THERE AND COMFORTABLY PERCEIVE with the various parts of a subject.
These reactions discharge and vanish as one perseveres (continues) and at last, sometimes soon, sometimes after a long while, one can be there and perceive the component.
As one is able to confront one part he then finds it easier to confront other components.
People have mental tricks they use to get around actual confronting—to be disinterested, to realize it’s not important, to be sort of half dead, etc—but these discharge (run out) as well eventually and at last they can just be there and comfortably perceive.
Eye blinks, swallows, twitches, aches, pains, are all systems of interrupting (sic) confronting and are the symptoms of discomfort. There are many of these. If they are present then one is not just being there and perceiving.
Confronting on a via (using a relay point) is another method of ducking out of it.
The worst off cannot even tolerate the idea of being there and perceiving anything. They run away, even go into emotional fits rather than be there and perceive. Such people’s lives are a system of interruptions and vias, all substitutes for confronting. They are not very successful. For success in life depends not on running away from it but by being there and perceiving it and then being able to communicate with it and handle it.

The solution is to simply be there and perceive, and not to deny, avoid, resist or suppress.


Reference: Mindfulness Meditation


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  • Anonymous  On November 12, 2018 at 10:01 AM

    How is disinterest in the reaction a problem? And do how does one recognize this disinterest?

    • vinaire  On November 12, 2018 at 10:18 AM

      Reaction is different from a response. Reaction means that there is some automaticity in play. When there is automaticity there is something one is not aware of. Anything one is not aware of becomes a problem in that it leads to unwanted conditions.

      Disinterest in reactions is a problem because it is a mechanism of avoidance. One recognizes this disinterest by observing that an unwanted condition exists and one is doing nothing effective about it.

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