Field, Motion & Space-Time


Reference: Disturbance Theory


The dynamic motion of the field may be visualized in the form of a screw moving forwards a constant distance with each turn. The time taken by one turn compares to the PERIOD; and the distance advanced per turn compares to the WAVELENGTH. The speed at which the screw advances is the ratio of wavelength to period.

As the field oscillates between the electrical and magnetic states, each oscillation represents a cycle. This cycle is so fundamental that its change, or period, determines the very nature of TIME, and its extension, or wavelength, determines the very nature of SPACE. In fact space and time come into existence only when the field appears in emptiness as a “disturbance”.

SPACE and TIME are properties of the oscillating field.

The wavelength and period of the field are different aspects of the same fundamental cycle. They are intimately related through a constant ratio. As frequency increases, the cycles of oscillation shrink, and so do their wavelength and period, but the ratio remains the same. Thus the characteristic of space and time changes with frequency, but the continuity between them remains inviolate.

This ratio above gives us the universal constant, c = 3 x 108 meters per second. This is generally referred to as the “speed of light”, but it actually represents the continuity between space and time.

The universal constant ‘c’ represents the fundamental continuity of SPACE-TIME.

Science treats space and time as abstractions of material dimensions and changes respectively. These “scientific concepts” are merely mathematical abstractions for the special case of matter. Time and space become real when conceived as properties of the field as well as matter.

Science treats time and space as mathematical abstractions of matter. Real time and space relate to the whole range of field and matter.


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