The Photon

Reference: Disturbance Theory


The concept of photon represents the electromagnetic field. It describes the nature of field-inertia-time-space.

The photon describes a dynamic FIELD that continually oscillates between electric and magnetic states. Each cycle of oscillation has constant energy equal to the Plank’s constant ‘h’. This oscillation is the source of quantization of ENERGY.

The quantized energy of the photon defines its FREQUENCY that determines how fast the electrical and magnetic states are interchanging. This frequency maintains itself unless some external influence changes it. It characterizes the very substance of the photon. It provides a measure of photon’s INERTIA.

The cycle of oscillation is the most basic change and extension. In other words, it describes the existence of change and extension itself.  Change is experienced as TIME; extension is experienced as SPACE. Since the photon provides the very experience of space and time, it cannot be located precisely in space or in time.

Activity, change, and extension of a cycle are intimately related. This represents energy, time and space of a cycle. The “energy” is constant, and so is the ratio of “space” to “time”. This ratio is the universal constant ‘c’, which is generally referred to as the “speed of light”.

“Emission of a photon” means the generation of electromagnetic disturbance in an empty background. It is a 3-dimensional disturbance compared to the 2-dimensional disturbance created when a stone is thrown into the calm surface of a pool.

This is the photon.

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