Field, Substance & Inertia


Reference: Disturbance Theory


The fundamental substance that fills emptiness is called FIELD.

The field is a continuation of emptiness. Not only must it change from emptiness to become a field, but it must also change continually to maintain itself as a field.  As observed, the basic field oscillates continually between electric and magnetic characteristics.  The field may be called the “disturbance” that fills emptiness.

The oscillations give SUBSTANCE to the field.

These oscillations have the property of frequency. This frequency maintains itself unless some external influence changes it. This property is called INERTIA. It was first observed by Newton in the context of matter, but it may be applied equally to the field. Inertia is the fundamental property of any substance.

The substance of the field has the property of INERTIA.

As the frequency increases, the oscillations become denser, and the cycles of oscillation shrink. The increased “density” of oscillations shows up as increased inertia. The increase in inertia tends to “pin down” the phenomenon more in the sense of making it more “solid”.

Increase in inertia helps a phenomenon maintain its status quo.


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