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This glossary is a work in progress. It is being continually added to and expanded with further feedback at The Mindfulness Approach page on Facebook.



Absolute truth will be the deepest common denominator of all existence. But like an irrational number this depth keeps on going deeper and deeper. There is no end to it.



The following are the fundamental anomalies.

  1. Discontinuity
  2. Disharmony
  3. Inconsistency



  1. AWARENESS and motion characterize the beginning of the universe. [See UNIVERSE.]
  2. AWARENESS is the metaphysical essence of motion.
  3. AWARENESS is characterized by desire.
  4. Awareness is closer to “is-ness” to the degree there are no anomalies in perception. [See ANOMALY.]



Buddha Nature is the universal viewpoint that views everything objectively. It is characterized by complete extroversion. Of course, it operates in the world of phenomena.



The metaphysical BRAHMAN in Hinduism represents the concept of EMPTINESS, or NOUMENON.




A bullshit is whatever that is added to a subject without any concern for logic. The fundamental characteristics of logic are continuity, harmony and consistency.



Chaos is no order or absence of order. It is more than just some random motion. Having no random motion, or no motion at all can also be chaos if order is missing.



Charge is the dynamic motion of field-substance. (See MASS)



The law of Continuum is a universal law. It manifests itself in continuity, harmony and consistency. Therefore, the universe is a continuum in all its physical, and in all its spiritual aspects. There is also a continuum between spiritual and physical aspects. A person forms a continuum with his environment.



Delusion is a a belief in something which is contrary to fact or reality. Basically, delusion is part of the person and not something out there that can be inspected and cleared up easily.



Discontinuity exists where continuity is missing and gaps exist. For example, Joe has a good friend named Bill. Suddenly Bill starts to distance himself. This creates discontinuity in relationship. This discontinuity is incomprehensible to Joe.



Disharmony exists where harmony is missing and upsets exist. For example, Joe and Mary are always disagreeing with each other. Their relationship is full of upsets. They both are unhappy.



A person who is totally extroverted, and who has no attention on self, has no ego. His viewpoint is universal. It is the viewpoint that is important. Ego has nothing to do with the physical aspect of speaking.



The reference point that allows ultimate objectivity in viewing the universe is EMPTINESS.

The Heart Sutra of Buddhism defines emptiness as no Birth no Death, no Being no Non-being, no Defilement no Purity, no Increasing no Decreasing. In other words, in emptiness there is complete absence of any phenomena.

The viewpoint of emptiness is just that. It is totally fresh. It is completely clean. There are no preconceived notions, no fixed ideas, no bias, etc. In short, the concept of emptiness is not viewed through any filters. It is simply what it is.

Emptiness has that property of being inherenly understood because it denotes the absence of all realities. From this reference point it is possible to give an objective meaning to any phenomena.  Emptiness itself is not a phenomenon, just like zero is not a value.


ENTITY (Scientology):

Entities are ridges (fixations of thoughts) in the system of considerations that is not interal to the preclear.  It is merely attached to the preclear and can be easily separated.



Exteriorization means ‘dropping of mental filters’ so one can perceive reality directly. The reality is no longer being modified by the filters. This reality follows the Law of Continuum.



This is the non-structured aspect of substance that starts as a wave of disturbance. This wave congeals into greater substantial-ness as it follows paths of smaller and smaller radius. This leads to a pattern similar to a “whirlpool”. The substantial-ness increases as one approaches the center of this whirlpool formation.  The electromagnetic spectrum provides the progression of substantial-ness of field-substance. The substantial-ness of field-substance is measured in terms of QUANTIZATION.

The field-substance, as electromagnetic phenomenon, is identified as “energy” as in “mass-energy equivalence” but it is not the same thing as the classical notion of energy. This mis-identification of field-substance as “energy” generates confusion.


GENETIC ENTITY (Scientology):

The Genetic entity is the system of considerations that run the body. It complements the thetan.



God is the fundamental principle that order precipitates naturally from chaos. In fact, this universe is the manifestation of the cumulative order that has precipitated. Without this principle, there would be no universe. [See UNIVERSE.]


GPM (Scientology):

GPM (goals-problem-mass) are ridges (fixations of thoughts) in the system of considerations that make up the ‘I’ of the preclear.



The “weighted center” of the mental matrix. [See MIND.]



Illusion is a surface manifestation which disappears when experience is consulted. Basically, illusion is out there which, when closely inspected, clears up.



Inconsistency exists where consisteny is missing and contradictions exist. For example, Bill claims to be a successful businessman, but he is often filing for bankruptcies.



The law of ‘karma’ is that incomplete cycles remain in play until completed. Incomplete cycles extend even beyond individual lifetimes.


KENSHO (lit., “seeing into one’s own nature”):

Semantically, kensho and satori have virtually the same meaning, and they are often used interchangeably. In describing the enlightenment of the Buddha and the Patriarchs, however, it is customary to use the word satori rather than kensho, the term satori implying a deeper experience.



Knowledge is knowledge. There should be an overall continuity. harmony and consistency among all knowledge.



The fundamental characteristics of logic are continuity, harmony and consistency.



Mass is the frozen motion of material-substance. (See CHARGE)

Mass is the acceleration of field that is pinned down through rotation.



This is the structured aspect of substance. The smallest material-particle having the simplest structure is the hydrogen atom.  Atoms acquire greater substantial-ness by growing in size. They acquire more complex structures by combining in various ways as molecules and aggregates. The substantial-ness of material-substance is measured in terms of INERTIA.



The mind is a matrix derived from the perceptions of this universe. The nodes of this matrix are in relationship with all other nodes in such a manner that a perfect continuity is maintained. The perceptual nodes are continually broken down into finer elements to allow for finer discrimination. The discrimination of the human mind is much finer than that of the animal mind.

The pattern of the perceptual nodes when activated provides the perception of mental objects, such as, memory, visualization, conclusion, etc. Computations in the mind are carried out with free association among the nodes under the rules of continuity, harmony and consistency. Continual refinement of the nodes provides abstraction that leads to the awareness of space, time and other dimensions.

The matrix structure of the mind has capability of tremendous amount of storage. It is the “weighted center” of this mental matrix that appears as “I”.



The fundamental motion is the oscillation that characterizes the very substance of this universe. It appears physically as the oscillation between electrical and magnetic fields. Its essence lies in awareness.



From a scientific viewpoint, everything in this universe is interconnected like in a matrix. In other words, everything physical, metaphysical, mental, spiritual, etc., are in intimate association with each other as part of this universe. The universe as a single dynamic entity. The fundamental characteristic of this universe is continuity, harmony and consistency.



Noumenon is that, which is beyond being sensed. This universe appears as it is sensed, so it is called the phenomenal world. Noumenon is not accessible to the physical or mental senses, and it may be theorized as absolute zero. All existence, physical or metaphysical, including all considerations, assumptions, speculations and logic results from physical and mental senses, and is part of the phenomanal world.

Noumenon is a speculative reference point like “zero”. It is “zero existence”. We do not know if there is “zero existence” or not, so we speculate one. It is mathematics on a cosmic scale.

Discrimination lies only in the phenomenal world. Any “discrimination” related to noumenon, such as, calling the noumenon objective and physical, is the result of “sensing” it mentally. Such “discrimination” is speculation that belongs to the phenomenal world.

Noumenon is represented by the principle of BRAHMAN in Hinduism.



The objective view is “observation of things as they are, with full awareness of one’s assumptions” . This is also mindfulness. Objectivity depends on the lack of interpretive filters.

It may be said that perception itself is a filter but that is a philosophical postulate. In a practical sense we perceive what is there; and what we perceive can be with or without interpretations. There can be more interpretations or less. A view can be farther from the truth, or closer.

A view is objective to the degree the filters and anomalies in the mind are resolved.

Thus, there is gradient scale from total objectivity to complete subjectivity. The ends of this scale may only be approached but not actually attained. So there is always a quest for complete objectivity.



A PHENOMENON is characterized by motion and awareness. Phenomena forms a scale from physical to metaphysical.



In my opinion, objectivity is extroversion, and subjectivity is introversion. The whole subject of Phenomenology seems to be born out of introversion.



QUANTIZATION is the process of congealing through which the field-substance gradually becomes more substantial and discrete. Quantization parallels the increasing frequency of the elecromagnetic spectrum.

When the field-substance transitions into material-substance with the formation of nucleus at the upper end of the spectrum, the process of quantization appears as increasing INERTIA of the material-substance.



Objective reality is what remains after all discontinuities, disharmonies and inconsistencies in perception and knowledge (illusions and delusions) are cleared up to the deepest level.



Reincarnation is the precipitation of physical and spiritual elements in a new configuration. It is never the same body or identity.


RIDGE (Scientology):

A ridge is an apparent motionlessness like that of a standing wave. It is caused by two energy flows coinciding and causing an enturbulence of energy. Ridge in the mind represents fixation of thoughts.



The only way there can be persistent acceleration is through rotation and not through linear motion. Rotation is a change in direction. A direction is a persisting condition. The persisting condition is a field or mass. Thus, a rotation is real and not abstract. It does not depend on masses around one. There is no Mach’s principle.



The Japanese term for the experience of enlightenment, i.e., Self-realization, opening the Mind’s eye, awakening to one’s True-nature and hence of the nature of all existence. See also “kensho.”



Space is the extension characteristic of substance. Space does not exist in the absence of substance. Space that is empty of material-substance characterizes the extensions of the invisible field-substance.



A datum is subjective to the degree it is not defined but assumed. Thus, the postulate one is starting out from is the most subjective datum. This postulate is simply accepted as true,  therefore, it is real to the person. But it is also the most subjective datum because it is not defined by any other datum. The data that is defined within the reference frame of one’s postulate appears as objective, but it is objective relative to that reference frame only.

The data that lies outside the reference frame of one’s postulate appears to be subjective by definition. It also appears to be anomolous because it cannot be defined within one’s reference frame. To become objective, an anomaly must be resolved within the reference frame of one’s postulate. Too many anomalies may require a review of one’s basic postulate and its upgrade.

One’s awareness is, therefore, subjective, to the degree anomalies are present.



The basic is-ness of this universe is SUBSTANCE. The extension of substance appears as SPACE. And the duration of substance appears as TIME. The substance of this universe may be divided into two major categories:



THETAN (Scientology):

A thetan is a relatively isolated system of basic considerations that makes up the ‘I’. A thetan has a dynamic goal to resolve itself. The activity toward this goal appears as a mission with a purpose.



There is the matrix of thought (mind). Its “weighted center” is intuitively perceived as “I”. The focus of the mental matrix at any moment is felt as emotion. This emotion acts on the endocrine system to produce effort.

Endocrine System



Time is the duration characteristic of substance. Time does not exist in the absence of substance. Time that is not related to the duration of material-substance relates to the duration of the invisible field-substance.



Time track is the consecutive record of mental image pictures which accumulates through a person’s life. Individual time tracks are experiences limited to a lifetime. They are not linear beyond that life.



The universal law is the Law of Continuum, which manifests itself as continuity, harmony and consistency.



The UNIVERSE is made up of SUBSTANCE that is intrinsically consistent, harmonious and continuous. Beyond the universe is EMPTINESS, that is variously referred to as BRAHMAN in ancient Vedas, or as “noumenon” in the philosophy of Kant.

The universe is characterized by motion and awareness. This is also referred to as the “phenomenon” in the philosophy of Kant. The universe is the superset of everything that exists. All that we are aware of, know about, or speculate upon, is part of this universe.

The purpose of this universe is to evolve to greater consistency, harmony and continuity. Any disorder provides the seed for further evolution.

Purpose of Universe


ZAZEN (pronounced “zah-zen,” each syllable accented equally):

Zazen is the principle discipline of Zen. Zazen is not “meditation”. In the broad sense zazen embraces more than just correct sitting. To enter fully into every action with total attention and clear awareness is no less zazen.

The prescription for accomplishing this was given by the Buddha himself in an early sutra: “In what is seen there must be just the seen; in what is heard there must be just the heard; in what is sensed (as smell, taste or touch) there must be just what is sensed; in what is thought there must be just the thought.”



An abbreviation of the Japanese word zenna, which is a transliteration of the Sanskrit dhyana (ch’an or ch’anna in Chinese), i.e., the process of concentration and absorption by which the mind is tranquilized and brought to one-pointedness.

As a Mahayana Buddhist sect, Zen is a religion whose teachings and disciplines are directed toward Self-realization, that is to say, to the attainment of satori, which Shakyamuni Buddha himself experienced under the Bo tree after strenuous self-discipline. The Zen sect embraces the Soto, Rinzai, and Obaku sects.


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  • vinaire  On July 18, 2017 at 9:26 PM

    The “Noumenon” is the same concept as BRAHMAN. And “Phenomenon” is the same concept as the UNIVERSE.

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